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Iran domestic flights safety

As a tourist who is travelling to Iran, you must probably know that it is quite a large country. This spectacular ancient land has thirty-one provinces with a great number of cities. Now each of these cities has numerous wonderful things and places to explore. There are deserts, jungles, mountains, the Caspian Sea, and the Persian Gulf which cannot be left unvisited. So if you plan to use road or rail transport you will be short on time specially that the Iran visa on arrival only lasts for overall about 30 days.

If you are planning to save up some time to visit more places you can use Iran domestic flights.

Here you can see the durations of some of the domestic flights from Tehran to other cities:

  1. The Tehran to Mashhad flight ( 1 hour and 25 minutes)
  2. The Tehran to Shiraz flight (1 hour and 20 minutes)
  3. The Tehran to Isfahan flight (55 minutes)
  4. The Tehran to Kish flight (1 hour and 45 minutes)
  5. The Tehran to Tabriz flight (1 hour and 5 minutes)

Besides being able to save up some time you should also take into consideration that these flights are quite cheap as well.

However, this question may arise: Are Iranian domestic flights safe?

The answer is yes! When you are flying in Iran rest assured of your safety in the air. But, for further information and reassurance I will provide you with a list of the safest Iranian airlines down below:

Mahan Airline:

Mahan Air was established in 1991 and began its operations in June 1992 as Iran’s first private airline. Having twenty-seven years of experience Mahan Air is one of Iran’s safest airlines. This airline is based in the city of Tehran and operates from hubs at Imam Khomeini international Airport (IKA) and Mehr Abad international Airport (THR). This private airline flies to almost 66 destinations, 25 of which are domestic destinations. With the number of zero accidents many consider Mahan Air to be Iran’s safest airline. Mahan Air’s fleet has about 57 planes which include 14 Airbus Air 300 -600, 11 Airbus Air 310 -300, and 10 BAe 146 aircraft.

Homa (Iran Air) Airways:

Having been founded as Iranian Airways in 1944, this airline is the oldest airline in the Middle East. The airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran is flag carrier airline of the country. This airline is based in Tehran. Domestically known as Homa (name of the mythological Persian Griffin and the acronym for “Iran national airline” in Persian), its fleet has about 35 planes. It is notable that Iran Air flies to about 71 destinations. Iran air is one of the safest and most widely used airlines in Iran. In all its working years it has had 4 fatal and 20 non fatal accidents.

Iranian Air Tour

This airline is also considered to be one of the safest in Iran. Being one of Iran’s private airlines, Iran Air Tour was founded in 1973 by Iran Air (Homa). It is based in Tehran and its hubs are at Mehr Abad International Airport and at Mashhad International Airport. The aim of founding this airline was to launch tours to the cities of Iran and of course other countries. From 1982 Iran Air Tour started scheduled domestic tours from all over the country to the city of Mashhad. It aimed at developing tourism and tourist attraction. Iran Air Tour has a fleet of 9 planes which fly to about 15 destinations. This airline has had 3 fatal and 4 non fatal accidents in its operating years.

Ata Airlines

Ata (meaning father in Turkish and Azeri language) Airlines, was established on the 17 th of December in 2008. It started its operations in the year 2009 providing domestic flights. Its first flight was on December 31 in 2009 from Tabriz to Mashhad. This airline is based in Tabriz, in Tabriz International Airport. Ata Air has a fleet of 15 planes and flies to 20 destinations. Using Ata airlines, you will not have to worry about your safety because in all its years of operation it has had zero accidents.

Aseman Airlines

Aseman (meaning sky in Persian) Airlines was founded and started working back in 1980. This airline has been privatized since march 2007. It is the third largest Iranian airline headquartered in Tehran. Aseman Air operates scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. This Airline has a fleet of about 22 planes and flies to almost 50 or more destinations. It is also considered to be one of Iran’s safest airlines given that in all its years of operation it has only had 2 fatal accidents and 8 incidents which were non-fatal.

Something to keep in mind:

 If you are using airplanes to travel specially when you are in a foreign country it is quite normal to be concerned about the safety of your flights but you should always remember that accidents rarely happen, and even if they do happen, statistics show that they are non fatal about 80% of the time. Most of us usually believe that any kind of accidents involved with planes lead to the death of all the passengers but that is most probably because news platforms typically choose to give us the news of such cases. And that is simply because these cases make much better news stories and may attract more audiences.

So try to relax and enjoy your trip as much as possible.

A list of some other Iranian airlines:

I introduced a few of Iran’s Airlines but that does not mean your choices are limited only to those, so here’s a list of some other Iranian airlines in case you would want to check them out:

  1. Kish Airlines
  2. Saha Airlines
  3. Meraj Airlines
  4. Karoon Airlines
  5. Caspian Air lines
  6. Qeshm Airlines
  7. Taftan Airlines
  8. Zagros Air lines
  9. Taban Airlines
  10. Atrak Airlines
  11. Sepehran Airlines

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