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1Laser Tooth Restoration


If you have minor tooth cracks, tooth decay, or other damage to the surface of the tooth, you can get help from an emergency dentist to fill your tooth. Laser tooth restoration is a common type of tooth filling. Filling a tooth with a dental laser is much more accurate than drilling. When the dentist uses a drill to repair tooth decay, healthy parts of the tooth may also come in contact with the drill. But the laser only targets areas that have been damaged. Using this method has no side effects for the patient, such as pain, gum bleeding, and infection after treatment. It is recommended to visit an emergency dental clinic to check your teeth as soon as possible. Emergency dental treatments can be performed on your teeth if there is a problem.

 Detection of Tooth Decay by Laser 

 The use of laser in tooth decay detection is one of the new methods which can diagnose the decayed tissues with no complications or hazards with high accuracy of about 99%. The device displays caries in numbers, and the doctor can tell where the caries is in the tooth and how big it is. In these cases, if the enamel is decayed and has not reached the ivory yet, the dentist will only prescribe a health order, encourages the patient to have better oral hygiene, or perhaps introduces medical devices. But if the tooth decay has reached to the ivory, it must be restored in emergency dental clinic because they will progress.

 Laser Tooth Decay Treatment

 A laser can prevent widespread caries, complicated, and costly treatments. Caries can be completely restored by using the laser. One of the miraculous benefits of lasers that, unlike drills that damage healthy tissue unintentionally, the healthy tissue of the tooth will remain intact.

 Tooth Shaving by Laser

 An excellent alternative to a tooth shaving is the laser, which eliminates all plaques, tartars, and parts of the decayed teeth without any puncture, vibration, or even physical contact with the tooth. There is no pain or discomfort for the patient. Besides, using a laser can precisely create the desired cavity in the tooth so that the shape of the tooth is fully preserved, and the dentist carefully monitors it. By using the laser, the teeth can also be disinfected simultaneously, which can prevent post-treatment complications and the possibility of recurrence of tooth decay. Also, because the laser penetrates only on the surface of the tooth, it generates less heat. It should be noted that visiting an emergency dentist can be useful if your teeth need teeth whitening treatment.

 Does the Laser Damage the Teeth While Shaving?

 The more water is in the toothy, and the more effective the laser will be. The effect of this method on the tooth depends on the amount of water in the enamel and ivory. Damaged tooth tissues have more water than healthy ivory (25% vs. 8%), which is why laser tooth decay is performed more quickly. Laser also applies to enamel and has less impact on it because of the low amount of water in the enamel tissue. The laser evaporates the surface of the tooth by half a millimeter. While in the shaving method, a large part of the tooth is shaved in 3D.

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